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telecommunications, agriculture, hospitality, medical research, and or other markets.

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Asset contributor or Asset employer on Dropbox.

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This could be a helpful shopping resource when shopping for automotive and or other types of insurance policies, such as
homeowner's or business (commercial) liability insurance.

When comparing royalty payment scenarios as an asset contributor and or employer, utilize this web application to build
estimates for how much your business could earn with Little Brother™ - offline asset royalty library (test edition March 1, 2021).

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Here is a link to the Hinterland BedrRes™ and or BedrBiz™ custom floor plan and or CLease(tm) terms payment technology
as part of the Little Brother™ offline asset library for intellectual property (regulated-U.S.).

As an alternate payment source, a view-only and "clear" image URL of a voided check can be inserted
( per sales instructions ) in lieu of an email address for PayPal payments when wanting to receive royalty payments into any project or
business-related FDIC or NCUA insured depository account.

NOTICE: A direct deposit authorization agreement between asset contributors and asset employers can be completed
as a best practice to accompany any usage of a FDIC or NCUA insured depository account
for payments to and or from contributors, employers, and or end-customers.

For marketplace safety, reputation, and insurance coverage, and for all parties to be paid as agreed,
end-use customers of leased assets should utilize the below secure PayPal payment interface for
the total (gross) transaction service price amount (before applicable rental taxes and Little Brother™ commission),
based on customer pricing terms of use, not the confidential negotiated terms between asset employer
and asset contributor. Those terms are between asset lessors and lessees. The current service level
agreement for subsequent asset employer and asset contributor payouts is up to 48-96 calendar hours, or sooner.

Enter Comments (Optional):
NOTICE: There is a 2.9% transaction fee assessed by PayPal for all payments submitted to us electronically (including instant transfers, credit/debit, eCheck, etc). To prevent a shortage on your payment, divide the payment amount by .971. For example, to submit a payment of $1000.00, simply divide 1000.00 by .971 to determine the online amount due of $1029.87. This requirement also applies to payments submitted to our PayPal email address separate from this website. Unpaid transaction fees will be added to the outstanding account balance and may result in late fees, accrued interest, and collection costs.

Including all applicable taxes (i.e. sales, retail occupancy, ground transportation taxes/surcharges/govt fees), enter total cost before PayPal transaction fee,
Little Brother™ service cost, and motor vehicle rental taxes (For Example, "Up Front Price", credit: Uber Technologies, Inc.):

NOTICE: As of March 2020, motor vehicle rental taxes do not apply with the following state tax authorities (municipal, county, and or other taxes/fees may still apply in these states):

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio
  • Oregon

    End-use customers are responsible for remitting any applicable
    municipal, county motor vehicle rental tax, and all other taxes, surcharges, and govt fees that may
    apply for the duration of their use of the rental asset.

    For use only in transactions where motor vehicle rental tax does not apply:
    Including all applicable taxes (i.e. sales, retail occupancy, ground transportation taxes/surcharges/govt fees), enter total cost before PayPal fee,
    Little Brother™ service cost, and WITHOUT estimated 10% motor vehicle rental taxes (For Example, "Up Front Price" in zero MV Rental Tax jurisdiction trip areas, credit: Uber Technologies, Inc.):

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    Little Brother™ 2.0a for 2021 - offline asset royalty library - asset disclosure form
    Form purpose: To provide limited asset information as an asset contributor and or asset employer.
    Instructions: Complete asset information on the below form, then snap a photo of this form for upload to a secure (encryped) project folder, depending on asset type and potential asset location. Upload instructions:

    A) If completed offline on hard copy, scan asset contributor or asset employer documents that may have been printed into pdf or jpg format
    B) If completed online, Complete asset contributor and or asset employer document package in DocuSign or similar digital signature software application as pdf
    B) With or without password protection, upload document into the appropriate Little Brother™ asset folder with the following nomenclature:

    Web keyboard for cut and paste to worksheet cells. .
    If text errors occur, consider clearing memory, restart browser app, or reboot device.

    Listing Asset As (input "X" in ONLY one box): Contributor Employer
    Asset Nickname and or Description:
    Asset Serial Number / VIN Number / Stock #:
    Availability Timeframe for (input "X" in ONLY one box): Asset Availability: Asset Request:
    (From: mm/dd/yyyy to: mm/dd/yyyy)
    Is Above Timeframe Recurring?__Y __ N If Yes, how often? (select one with "X") Weekly Monthly Seasonal Semi-Annual Annual TwiceaMonth Every2Weeks Asset Owner -or- Asset User First , Middle and Last Name:
    Email (Optional):
    Street Address:
    Mailing Address (if different than street):
    Postal Code:
    Pickup / Drop off Location Address:
    Intended purpose of Using or Providing Asset:
    Asset Title Number:
    Asset Title State / Province:
    Asset Lienholder (if applicable) Name, Address, Acct#, Contact Info:
    Asset Registration Number:
    Asset Registration State / Province:
    Asset Registration Expiration Date:
    Asset Operating Condition (select one with "X"):
    Poor Fair Average Good Very Good Excellent
    Asset Cleanliness (circle one):
    Poor Fair Average Good Very Good Excellent
    Asset Insurance Company:

    Insurance Policy #:

    Asset Insurance Company Customer Service Phone#:
    Asset Pricing per Timeframe Indicated Above: $ (USD) per

    Asset Commission to Little Brother™ - Above Amount x 5% (fully documented with independent verification) , x 15% (fully documented without verification) = $ (USD)
    . PayPal account email address or URL for payment to / from Asset Owner -or- Asset User :
    Expected Asset User License Number:
    License State / Province:
    License Expiration Date :
    Full Name As It Appears on License:
    Asset User -or- Asset Owner Valid Email as Acceptance to Terms of Use:
    Date of Acceptance to Terms of Use:
    Relationship to User or Owner:

    NOTICE: For 100.0% compliance, all applicable taxes including motor mehicle rental tax, sales taxes, retail occupancy taxes, ground transportation taxes, surcharges, and government fees must be added and paid for all end customer transactions based on all jurisdictions where asset is leased and provisioned to the public. Batch payments can be accepted for efficiency however all sales revenue activity must be disclosed. For example, a vehicle rented in Marlin, Texas United States = 5.0 or 15.0% full doc w/,w/o i.v.,+18.0%r+10.0% Texas motor vehicle rental tax = 33%,43% total example revenue royalty cost. All terms are negotiable between asset owner and asset user. Compliance with rental or other taxes based on all applicable jurisdictions is required.

    Little Brother™ 2.0 for 2021 - May 13, 2021 edition.
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    Terms of Use
    : Contact local law enforcement for serial # or VIN# asset (homeowner's or renter's inventory form) registration prior to any exchange of private or public property. This platform is an online venue for the purpose of matching asset resources with asset employers, as well as providing additional related online resources. Usage of this technology imposes burdens of buyer research on all parties. Users of this technology agree to release HardinSoft™ Technology Group and its' investors, managers, and employees of liability in the usage of this technology platform. Completion of all asset contribution and asset want paperwork posted through this venue are considered binding, civil agreements that may impose obligations on all parties involved. These obligations are contingent on applicable commercial code requirements, rules, regulations, and statutes. Contact a licensed attorney prior to preparation of any potential commercial agreements as different areas may have unique requirements. We are not a tax firm to be able to provide tax advice. Contact a licensed CPA for advice regarding tax matters. Other restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited.