In the spirit of the George Orwell classic, 1984, we are pleased to offer Little Brother POEMS™ (Point-of-Entry Monitoring Solution). Little Brother POEMS is a real-time point-of-entry or interior-facing color image monitoring and processing solution for residential or commercial-zoned tenant-customer or owner-resident implementations. The Little Brother POEMS™ solution does not require cable, dial-up, or DSL Internet at the property location nor does the solution require a grid-based power source. Customers can lease the equipment for a monthly, six-month, or one-year term, depending on their needs.

Primary applications of Little Brother POEMS™ include:
  • Vacant property monitoring and image recognition
  • Potential intruder image collection recognition for law enforcement and police reporting purposes
  • Possible cheating spouse/partner scenarios
  • Identify remote location changes without travel
  • Agricultural needs assessment: Have targeted crops reached adequate levels of hydration and fertilization?
  • Animal species detection at remote location
  • Product inventory monitoring and recognition
  • Stalker and restraining order cases

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    Click here to load funds onto your Little Brother POEMS™ phone account for functionality of voice, text, and data usage.

    Click here to view our example page for web-based image monitoring service platform for recent image monitoring and recognition

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